Kookaburra 2oz Travel Wool Wash with Tea Tree Oil


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Kookaburra Wash in 4 selections, convenient 2 ounce (59mL) travel size. I highly recommend fiber wash for your finished items in natural fibers & yarns. All chemical-free, biodegradable, with NO peroxide, alkali, phosphates, or enzymes. Safe for septic systems & the environment! Rinsing is not required. Kookaburra's detergent free concentrate reduces fiber breakdown, limiting fading, extending the life of your washables.

**********CONTAINS NUT OIL. DO NOT INGEST.************ 

Choose from: (See photos for label information.)

WASH, NO SCENT ADDED: No added scent, but still has the scent of the natural ingredients including tea tree oil. Kookaburra Wash is a plant based alternative to “traditional” laundry detergents. The unique blend of Tea Tree and Lanolin clean, deodorize and soften all types of fibers (wool, cotton microfibers like Lycra, Spandex and today’s microblends). The low suds, rinse optional concentrate is perfect for machine washing whether in a traditional or high efficiency washer and is ideal for hand washing delicates and hand knits. Wash is hypoallergenic for those with detergent sensitivity. Kookaburra Wash is gentle on fibers, tough on stains and odors. Kookaburra Wash cleans and conditions all washable sheepskins (medical underlays, heel/elbow protectors, baby pads /mattress covers, car seat covers, rugs).

DELICATE: Tea Tree & Lavender Oils. Use for fine wearables, hand or machine washing, top or front load. Cleans gently to not break down the fiber flexibility or elasticity. Delicate combines the deodorizing power of tea tree oil, the beneficial properties of lavender with the conditioning, fiber enhancing qualities of coconut and jojoba bean oils leaving your washables clean, fresh and amazingly soft. Silks, Lingerie, Cotton, linen, Spandex/Lycra, Hand knit or hand woven, Rayon, Bedding (sheets, pillow cases), Down (pillows, sleeping bags, comforters). How to: Machine wash – 1-2 oz in a “traditional”, ½ - 1 oz in a HE washer. Kookaburra is effective at any temperature. With Kookaburra concentrate no additional softeners’ are required Hand wash – 1tsp (1/6th oz) in 1-2 gallons warm water. Add Delicate to water immerse garment making sure there is complete saturation. Rinsing is optional.

POWER: Contains Tea Tree & Orange Oils. A deep-cleaning concentrate for stubborn grease & stains. This is great for multipurpose household cleaning, including *carpets & rugs* & laundry. *** I use this myself in my steam carpet cleaner, it works great!*** Power is a plant based alternative to “traditional” household cleaners. The unique concentrated blend of Tea Tree and Orange Oil cleans and deodorizes all types of surfaces (glass, stainless, chrome, stone, porcelain, fiberglass, carpet, tile or laminate). Power is a true multipurpose cleaner. Whether you are in the kitchen, bathroom or even in the garage Power tackles the job at hand. (Stoves, counters, floors, sinks, mirrors, windows, cars, boats, trash cans, cat boxes). Spray – 1/2oz per 24oz water, Floors/ carpet 1oz per gallon, spot treatment – spray mix to full strength depending on your stain.

SCOUR: Plant-based raw wool cleaner. Ideal for raw fibers. Scour effectively cleans raw wool and other natural fibers. Our concentrated formula lifts “grease” and dirt from fibers reducing your processing time and limiting “re-washing” and eliminating required multiple rinses (Scour is rinse optional), cutting water usage. Saving you time and money. 

Tea Tree Oil is one of nature's miracles. Harness its power as a natural bug repellent, mold fighter & aromatherapy!! Wipe out your cabinets, wash your rugs, or even spot clean them, block your hand woolens to repel household bug pests. It even deters mold in prone fibers like wool & some say it has aromatherapy benefits for colds & viruses. Now you won't be putting off your hand washing & natural fiber blocking!!  


Laundry, Household & Raw Fleece, Delicate and Fragrance Free, Tea Tree No Rinse Laundry or Cleaning

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