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Fluffy Faux Fur Pom Poms are great for adding to the top of a hat.

90% Acrylic/10% Polyester in both natural looking colors & colorful to really show your personal style! There is a small elastic loop that you can work into your knitting/crocheting to make it permanent, or some attach a button or similar attachment so they can take the pom pom off to wash or switch colors. They are roughly 4" (10cm). 

I named the colors as my best estimate & the tips are usually a few shades, I picked what I thought was the most obvious. Refer to pictures.

Due to packaging & shipping they might arrive kinda flat. Fluff with a hair dryer!

  • Black / White tips
  • Solid Black -
  • Grey / White tips (very little black)
  • Solid Grey (very little black)
  • Cream (very little dark brown tips)
  • White (very little black)
  • Champagne (sandy pink with very little dark brown tips)
  • Natural - Dark Brown center with light caramel tips
  • Brown - Caramel with Grey center & black tips
  • Beige - Caramel with Grey center & very little dark brown tips


  • Light Pink / Grey tips (very little black)
  • Medium Pink / White tips (very little black)
  • Bright Pink / Black tips
  • Aqua / Grey tips
  • Red
  • Sapphire / Cobalt tips
  • Purple / Magenta tips
  • Lilac (very little black)

I do my best to accurately portray this item to my ability. Remember all monitors, all settings, etc. can change our view on the same picture.

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