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The Amish-influenced, table-top swift has non-skid pads to keep it from moving. No clamping needed! Four adjustable pegs can be easily moved to accommodate a hank of yarn up to 62″ (155 cm). This swift can be set up or broken down in a matter of seconds. They come in their own box for storage or keep it out on your table for everyone to admire!

Use with Chiao Goo's Nostepinne (a Norwegian hand tool) for a complete wood, hand powered yarn winding experience. Premium tools, no electricity or table clamps needed. Wind on your bed, on the floor or take to festivals & conferences. The storage is minimal, it can slide under your bed or in a long drawer.
This would make a great gift pair!

This sturdy swift will make it easy to wind your yarn from hank to cake or ball, or back again. No worries that an umbrella mechanism dropping & tangling your yarn!!

The swift comes in a slender long box for easy shipping or storage. The swift itself is four pieces which easy slide together for a snug fit. There are 5 soft wood pegs, using them forcefully can cause them to break. The short peg goes down through the middle to hold the swift together & the four longer ones hold the yarn on the four corners. The swift rotates smoothly, but sturdily. One of the corners has the hank size laser engraved.

After years of struggling with stiff umbrella-style swifts, I highly recommend this one. I love that I can wind yarn anywhere. I put it on the couch next to me to wind while watching TV in the evening, or sit on the floor while my kids draw. I am no longer confined to that *one* chair I can get the clamp the tightest so the swift doesn't slip off, or a certain kind of table top that the clamp can fit on.

No fear of mishaps & runaways...

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